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The fastest way to move large files for the media and entertainment industry. is accelerating the workflow for TV and Film professionals by removing the bottleneck caused by large file uploads. We specialise in:
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We offer a 6 hour turnaround of your files. From phone call to delivery no-one else can offer a faster turnaround for your files.

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Every step of the delivery process is designed to maximise the protection of your files. From our trained, tracked drivers to our state of the art data centre locations you can be sure your data is completely secure.

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We make the delivery process easy, and cost effective. Book with a phone call or email, and only spend from 30p per GB. is the best choice for data delivery.

We collect your hard drives with our fast dispatch motorcycle fleet.

Your files get uploaded to our nearest data centre.

You receive your files via Media Shuttle link to your own custom branded portal.

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If your studio is working collaboratively offline the logistics of moving those large RAW files from base-to-base can be a real problem. With our logistics network and ultra fast internet connections we can collect your drives from anywhere (remote on-set locations, studios, staff houses etc) and provide you with a Signiant Media Shuttle link so that those files can be downloaded and worked on within a few hours. Perfect if you have a backlog of dailies or a catalogue of masters to send. removes your upload bottleneck.
  • no limit large data uploading.
  • cloud migration for your remote workflows.
  • remote filming drive collection for same day review.


Your clients love shooting in your space and you love having them! You offer everything you can to help your client succeed in producing a finished product they are proud of. Now you can help your clients to accelerate their work-flow by offering a 6 hour turnaround from camera to remote review.

With one phone call can arrive at your studio and collect your clients hard-drive - taking it via fast dispatch motorcycle to our nearest data centre with a minimum 10 Gbp/s connection for uploading. You might even have your own dedicated internet line with a fantastic connection to offer your clients. If you do, great! But if your client is in a major rush, or has too many TB’s to handle contact swift and we will ride over to help out.

Whatever happens on-set you know your clients can always have their files uploaded within hours, accelerating their work-flow, and saving them time / money.
  • add value by promising your clients 6 hour uploads.
  • augment your in-house internet connection.
  • same-day uploads to your clients cloud environment.

Distributors is the fastest way to distribute your files from A to B. We collect your hard drives using our fleet of fast dispatch motorcycle riders and take them to our nearest data centre for uploading, on one of London’s fastest internet connections.
  • Send any amount of data, anywhere, within 6 hours.
  • Your own branded Signiant Media Shuttle portal for professional delivery.
  • Competitive pricing, superb service, zero trust security
  • Full integration with all alternative media transfer protocols (Aspera etc.) as required by your clients.
Accelerate your deliverables! Contact today to customise our service around your workflow.

Post production

Getting your files back to base, especially from overseas, is often a challenge in the UK. offers a full-service file delivery system for the whole of Britain, from physical transport to IT infrastructure. We're the fastest file transfer service in the country, from set to download in just 6 hours. We can also fully integrate with any MaM on a project by project basis. Plus, as a dedicated, highly focused service we can keep costs low while offering market leading performance - always at a minimum speed of 10 Gb/s.
  • Fastest internet transfer service in the UK
  • Security obsessed - from in-house physical transport through to multiple redundant storage media systems, we take the utmost care with your data
  • Superb customer service, laser-focused on large file transfer

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