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The Swift Tale

We are focused on data transfer, that’s all we do, and we only do it for the media and entertainment industry. We understand how large your RAW files can get and we’re ready for them!

Have you ever tried to rent a fast internet connection in London? a leased line maybe, or a bonded solution? If you have large files to send and deadlines to hit then fast internet is probably high on your list of priorities. Unfortunately London is currently 46th in the world for internet speed!  Did you know that in Canada, you can get a symmetrical 1Gbps connection to your home for $50 per month? In South Korea it’s even cheaper, around $35. In fact it’s a fairly standard consumer internet speed.

In London, you’re probably looking at about £500 for that same line. Each and every month. Not to mention a hefty installation fee. 

We’re connected directly to Telehouse North via super fast dark fibre links. And, we’re using the latest networking technology to transfer your files 10x to 100x faster than you’ve been able to achieve in the past. Centrally located, and connected to London’s fastest fibre trunks, our bandwidth can quickly scale from 10Gb/s up to 100Gb/s. 

With one of the fastest internet connections in the UK can handle any amount of data and at speeds that cannot be beat! However its not just our internet speed that is the fastest in town, we also have a fleet of fast dispatch motorcycle riders ready to roll at a moment's notice. Why? When you are uploading 100 TB’s of data with swift, it's transporting the physical drives that takes most of the time. We don’t get stuck in traffic, and we don’t rely on the post. There is no quicker way to get from A to B in London.

But why do we specialise in the media and entertainment industry? Simply because we have worked in film and TV distribution and we saw the bottlenecks caused by slow internet speeds. It used to take us a day or more to upload a simple master, not good enough! As demand grew, and the files themselves became larger, we knew a solution was needed. And so was born! Now we can offer same day uploads to TV and film professionals. Same day uploads - we even offer a 6 hour rush guarantee. Worth repeating as this service is currently unheard of in our industry!

Accelerate your workflow and keep up with demand.