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Our Technology

Signiant Media Shuttle

We only use Signiant Media Shuttle software to transfer your files - it’s both encrypted, and lightning fast. It was the only system that could maximise the potential of our uplink in testing. And, we can give you a branded, private portal that you won’t mind your clients seeing - you can even send them clips playable in the Media Shuttle portal itself.

Signiant is trusted worldwide, from feature film producers to sports broadcasters and everything in between. With a great pedigree and an enormous user base, Signiant were obvious partners for our file delivery platform.

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Enterprise-level compute has invested in the latest enterprise server technology. At the heart of all our machines are AMD EPYC Milan generation CPUs, giving us a performance edge over more traditional vendors.
We only use NVME flash storage to serve your files, capable of transfers at 7GB per second - that's around 56Gbp/s. Distributing all that data bandwidth are super reliable Intel network interface cards, with Brocade optics and switching.

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Bringing you to the fastest connection

We're proud to offer the first 10Gbp/s + upload service in the UK. And it's only possible thanks to our datacentre locations. Bringing your data to the fastest connections might seem counter-intuitive, but while the UK lags behind the rest of the world uplink speed, it is by far the fastest way to access the high standard of connection required by media producers. Plus, our datacentre locations have many other advantages:

  • Extremely secure locations, both physically and digitally
  • Quickly scalable uplink speeds - our links to Telehouse reach up to a maximum 400Gbp/s line rate
  • Fully redundant power and data connections